DSC_0907Oh hey there- I guess I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately. Well I’m happy to be back with a new post! Something about the warm weather and sunshine has got me all inspired for some fun summer projects. First up: repurposing some of those forgotten kitchen gadgets.

I’m all about kitchen gadgets- let’s just make that clear. But then eventually something else comes along and makes life easier and you phase out some of the older items. Case in point: my French press coffee maker. Ever since I got a Keurig machine, I haven’t used my French press once… not once! I love the look of it but it’s just not as convenient as using the single-serve coffee machine. On vacation recently I saw a restaurant using their French press to make cocktails and drinks and I still can’t get over how clever an idea it is.
DSC_0888I decided to try a simple combination for this first mocktail (you could easily add vodka or any liquour to this because hey, you only live once!). Here’s what I put in mine:  

Blood Orange sparkling beverage (found at Superstore)
Lemon flavoured sparkling water
Orange slices & raspberries
DSC_0901I find the blood orange drink a bit too sweet for me, so wanted to cut it with something that would mellow out the flavour a bit. I did about 2 parts blood orange drink with 1 part lemon water- then added a few orange slices (blood oranges aren’t really in season right now) and raspberries. I let this sit for a while so the fruit could infuse the liquids. Right before serving, I pressed them down to the bottom. I served over ice and garnished with orange slices and raspberries. Could not be easier and what a great new way to serve drinks all summer long. Cheers!