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DSC_0863I just love a good place setting. And since Easter is almost here I wanted to come up with something that would be fitting for an Easter dinner table. You may remember the Easter Egg place settings I made last year- I really believe that however you choose to decorate your table you need to consider spacing. There’s nothing worse than having a beautifully decorated table with no room left for serving dishes of food!

Here’s how I made these sprouting carrot name card settings:

Supplies (all from Michaels):
Mini terracotta pots
Foam craft carrots
Shredded paper (mine came in a bag)
DSC_0841I started by snipping off the loops from the carrots. Next I skewered them onto a toothpick (if your toothpicks are too long you can cut them down to size). I took some of the shredded paper and started filling the terracotta pots. I put enough in so the toothpicks could be wedged in and stand straight up. If you’re having trouble with this, you could always put a bit of stick-tack or tape on the bottom of the pots and secure the toothpicks this way. To top it off, I added a few more pieces of shredded paper to fill in any bare spots.  DSC_0842 DSC_0845Lastly, I cut out small banners from cardstock and wrote the names on them. You could definitely secure them somehow, or even write the names on the pots themselves. I left my banners just leaning against the carrots so I can use these for general Easter decor, not just place settings.

DSC_0854DSC_0859I still can’t get over how cute these mini terracotta pots are. And these have already been a great addition to my Easter centerpiece!