Welcome to the newly designed InvitedDIY! I’ve been wanting to make change for a while and today’s the day they all came together. This blog has changed so much since Krista and I first started it in 2012. Krista has been focusing on other exciting projects and going forward I will continue to be the sole contributor (with the exception of some guest posts- don’t you just love those?) Thanks to Lauren for helping me put the finishing touches on the new header/logo. Our conversations went something like this “ok can you take away one dot? Now add 3? Now take away 5?” I think I gave her a headache… I also updated the “about” page so head on over there if you want some more info!

I feel like with this new season and some of the new changes on this blog, it’s sort of like a fresh start. The posts will still be a similar style as in the past but I’ve also got some new ideas kicking around that I’m really excited for. Must be this whole spring cleaning/trees blooming/waking up my creativity- thing. And I like it! Thanks to all of you who continue to follow this blog- I love hearing when some of you take ideas from here and make projects of your own. It makes my DIY-heart so very happy.

xo, Kerri
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