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The After!
DSC_0756Even though there’s still (a lot) of snow on the ground, I can feel that spring is coming and with it, my urge for spring cleaning! I was standing in my kitchen last week and was all of a sudden horrified at the state of my metal kitchen shelf. I love this shelf. It’s from Ikea (found here) and I picked it up on sale a few years ago. I have a decent amount of kitchen cupboards but my counter space is next-to-nothing in my apartment. I like to use this shelf as an extension of the countertop to store things I use on a regular basis. I like things to be easy to see, easy to grab and out in plain sight. This is how the shelf looked last week:
DSC_0751 DSC_0754So last week when I really looked at how I was using this shelf, I realized how much space I was wasting. I decided to tackle it by taking everything off and then carefully rearranging and reorganizing what I put back. The 3 baskets on the middle shelf were (as you can see) overflowing and were stuffed with bills, old birthday cards and appliance manuals. SO not a good use of space! I filed those things away and started using these baskets for kitchen-related items that are small and sometimes get lost among the bigger things. I packed in milk bottles, paper straws, vases, aprons and my coffee press. And oh. my. gosh. Such a better use of space! 
DSC_0763 DSC_0762 DSC_0767The serving pieces I left out on the shelves are the ones I use most and like to have on hand. My favourite part about this is that this shelf wasn’t just styled for these photos. This is how it actually looks now and it’s become so much more functional for me.
DSC_0758 DSC_0759 DSC_0755I just hope this spring cleaning vibe carries over to other areas of this place that need some organization!

Anyone else catching the organization bug?