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DSC_0726Let’s take a moment to talk about gift wrapping, shall we? I am usually pretty good about this kind of stuff when it comes to major occasions like Christmas or weddings. For Christmas I have wrapping paper and bags and tissue paper and gift toppers galore. Mainly because when I see this stuff in the stores I just can’t pass it up. Bur for more everyday occasions like birthdays, housewarmings, etc., I’m not as well prepared and I’ve decided to change that! The first step for me was to make DIY gift toppers. You know these- you see them in stores, little words or flowers you can buy to “top off” the gift wrapping after the paper and ribbon. While the store-bought ones are nice, they can be a bit pricey sometimes and they don’t always have the perfect one for the occasion. I pulled out some craft supplies and just sort of went to town- for some of them, I hot glued a small clothespin on the back so they can easily be clipped to the ribbon and after you’ve given the gift, they can be re-used or clipped onto anything really for display.
DSC_0728 DSC_0730 DSC_0734
These will be great for me to have on hand and be able to pop onto any gift I may need to give- although the ‘5’ I made with my nephew Liam in mind since his birthday is coming up in a few months. Some I used with ribbon or string to replace the need for ribbon and a topper altogether.
DSC_0722 DSC_0723
I think they look great on top of these gifts and I plan to make new ones each time I use one up- that way I’ll always have some on hand!

What’s your favourite way to top a gift?