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photo 4A few weekends ago  my boyfriend had a group of friends over to watch a full day of football… As in two games… in a row. While my attention span for football topped out after 30 minutes, it was a fun afternoon. Dwayne is a great cook and I always delight in being his sous chef. I asked him to share his recipes for the mini paninis he made for dinner that night- they were such a hit with everyone! These photos really don’t do them justice- we were just trying to snap a few pictures as we were making them and our hands were covered in olive oil! Here’s how it all came together:

Potato Chips, chili, mozza sticks, all the staples of a football party are there, but the real star of the night were the mini Paninis. I’ve owned my Panini press for about 2 years now, and really only started using it about a month ago. Now that I’ve realized it’s awesome, I keep thinking about different combinations (even though I should be at work).

A couple came to mind that day. The first was a Turkey Pesto. Start with a fresh baguette, mediumly (is that a word?) sliced and spread the pesto on the baguette. Next layer is the Turkey, (Remark has a pretty great in-store one). I followed that with Swiss cheese, spinach, salt and pepper.
Panini2The second one was a little more Italian inspired. Same baguette, this time it was layered with prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, arugula and again salt and pepper.
panini1Lightly cover the outsides of the sandwiches with a nice olive oil, and into the Panini press until they’re browned and crunchy.

photo 4Seriously you guys, these were so good. Have you ever made paninis? What are your favourite toppings?