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DSC_0551If you’ve been following along for a while now, you’ll know that I love garlands. For any occasion, and basically all occasions, I think there is a garland just waiting to be made. Krista and I are hosting our EM (Event Management) friends in London on Valentine’s Day weekend- which means the hearts and cupcakes and pink and purple are already taking over our minds. I had been wanting to try some hand stitching for a while now- I made one pillow a few years ago for my dad and wanted to try something else (ahem, the pillow is still fully intact, too!). I decided I would try to sew small plush hearts.
DSC_0524DSC_0526I started by drawing out a heart on cardboard to use as a tracing tool (if you have a heart object it would be easier to trace, ie a cookie cutter). I cut the hearts out of felt and used thread to sew them together. Just before they were all sewed up, I stuffed them with some cotton stuffing. I sewed up the rest of the opening and there you have it!
DSC_0528My plan was to string them onto embroidery thread with a needle, but the thread was a bit too thick to go through the felt. So I turned to my trusted friend, the glue gun! Gluing them to the embroidery thread worked just fine. I just love how these turned out- I would have made more if I hadn’t run out of felt… but they really gave me more confidence with this (simple) hand sewing business, so I think there will be more projects like this in my future.

Do you have any tips or advice for someone who’s just starting to get into sewing?