At the beginning of last year, Kerri and I announced some of our goals for the year on the blog. One of the goals I announced was to purchase a new camera and learn to take better photos. Well my Santa (aka Brad) gave me my present early this year and it was a Sony Nex-6 camera. I had my heart set on a DSLR for awhile and loved getting to borrow Kerri’s. After checking out a few stores the mirrorless option was recommended to me as an alternative to the DSLR. I did my research and I was sold, the option of having a lighter camera, while still allowing many lens options and quality photos seemed like a great fit. Note: I’m not in the business of giving advice about purchasing cameras, so I suggest doing your own research and find one that suits you!

I’ve had the chance to use it quite a few times now and look forward to capturing lots of fun shots over the holidays as well as learning all of the different options and features.

Bright Lights


Kerri and I recently met up and went to City Hall on the viewing deck to check out the pretty Christmas lights from 12 storeys up. Brad and I also visited my friend Joanne in St. Catharines and got to check out a Christmas fun house where they had a village of cardboard houses and stores lite up.

Wintery Scenes


Do you have any photography tips to share? What things do you like taking photos of most?