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DSC_0347In my family, we use name tags when we have big gatherings for holiday dinners. I think it probably stems from when we were kids and a lot of “I’m not sitting next to THAT person” was happening. We’ve kept up with this tradition and the name tags have switched styles depending on who is hosting the dinner. This year, my mom asked me to come up with an idea to use on Christmas Eve. I went through a few ideas but ultimately decided to keep it simple (I was going a bit overboard, but no surprise there!) and settled on using ornaments. I picked up inexpensive red glass ornaments, a silver permanent marker and some silver ribbon. It was as simple as writing the names and tying a small piece of ribbon to each. I trimmed the ends so they would look a bit fancier. I made 16 in all and it took about half an hour- doesn’t get better than that!
DSC_0338DSC_0341For our dinner, we will most likely place each ornament on top of a red or green linen napkin on everyone’s plate. There are so many options to display them so the final decision will come once the rest of the table is set.
DSC_0344Do you use name tags too? Or are we the only family who can’t figure out where to sit?