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Ok so Krista and I are pretty much in full holiday mode these days. Decorations are up and Christmas baking lists are being made. I have also made a list of Christmas DIY’s I want to do this year, and I’ve already started on a few. So far it’s nothing ground breaking, just simple things to fancy-up the holidays.
DSC_0190I started with a few snow globes. The homemade versions seem to be everywhere this year, and I love it. I remember making one in grade school many, many years ago. And since I’m one of those people who hoards glass jars like nobody’s business, I really didn’t need many supplies for these.

I picked up the trees at (if you can believe it) the dollar store. Such a find! I hadn’t been able to find anything similar at other crafting stores. I used a super-duty, waterproof glue to attach the trees to the lids and waited 24 hours for it to dry. Then I poured some glitter into the bottom of the jars and added water almost to the top. I used more glue to secure the lids to the jars just to be sure nothing spills out. The glitter I chose is sort of flaky and I thought it would resemble snow- it sort of does, but I really think run-of-the-mill fine glitter would work just as well, if not better. I’m almost hoping I don’t find more things to put inside of these snow globes because they’re kind of addicting to make…
Now, onto these adorable cocktail sticks! I in no way came up with this idea, my sister actually found it on Pinterest (ah, Pinterest) and sent it to me. I picked up these cute little gift box ornaments at the dollar store, pricked a small hole in the bottom with a needle, and inserted a pointed bamboo skewer. Could there be anything more simple to dress up a holiday drink? I’m so excited to bring these out for Christmas cocktails this year.
DSC_0196 DSC_0195Hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit too- we will have many more simple ideas on the blog throughout December!