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DSC_0813 (2)My niece Ella is turning 1 in a few months (unless I figure out a way to stop time before then!) and the plans for her birthday bash are already in the works. I’ve been given the task of creating her birthday table (you may remember this one I did for my nephew Liam a few months ago). I had seen giant birthday candles on a website and thought they would be a cute addition to Ella’s party. They were actually easy to make- I picked up mailing tubes in a few different sizes and used craft paint to paint them. The tubes come in white so I left some white and painted the rest. Since the tubes have a winding stripe down them already, I followed this line with a paintbrush to make the stripes.
DSC_0803 (2)Next I cut circles to make the tops of the candles. I traced a few different sized cups and bowls until I found the right sizes. I then cut a wedge out of the circles so I could wrap them into a cone. For the wicks, I hot glued a piece of white rope to the top of the mailing tube. Then I fit the cone over the rope and hot glued it to the top of the tube. The whole process was fairly simple, it just took time for the layers of paint to dry. With Ella’s party so soon after the holidays, it’s nice to know I already have something finished for her birthday table!
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