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This may be one of the easiest DIY’s I have ever posted on here… seriously, it’s so quick to make! I saw a photo of a bowl made from string online and thought “that can’t be hard to make”. And you know what? It really isn’t! I started by tightly wrapping a piece of plastic wrap around a ceramic bowl. Then I used a foam brush to slather fabric stiffener onto pieces of string I had cut. The string pieces were all roughly the same length. I started by criss-crossing strings on the bottom to make a base and wrapped them around the top of the bowl to make a defined shape. With the rest of the string, I really just swirled it around with no real plan in mind. I used enough pieces to close any major gaps and let it dry overnight. In the morning the string had hardened and I carefully loosened the plastic wrap from the ceramic bowl. The plastic wrap peeled away from the string and voila! I’m telling you, it does not get easier than this. I was kicking myself for only making one, so tonight I plan on making a few more- all with different sized bowls as the mold. These can be used for so many different things- I think I am going to line a few up along my table, fill with different items and use as a centrepiece.
DSC_0791 (2)What would you use these bowls for?