I’m working on a few projects right now and felt that it was time to create a proper home office space for myself.

Previously I had a nice desk set up, which Brad built for me; however it was placed near the entry way of my apartment. There were a few problems with this, one the lighting was very poor and two it became a dumping ground for all my stuff and most evenings I ended up working from the couch.

I decided to move my office into my dining room and I have a few DIY projects that I’ll be working on for the office to create a functional and creative space that I plan to post on the blog.

Below is the “before” office picture.

Office before picture

For today’s post I decided to take a plain clipboard from the dollar store and turn it into a clipboard fit for taking notes.

Lately I’ve been loving the combination of navy and gold and this clipboard was a great opportunity to combine the two.I used acrylic craft paint and a sponge brush. I was hoping to add some polka dots but lets just say it didn’t turn out as planned.

DIY Clipboard | Invited DIY

What DIYs have you incorporated into your home or office to create an inspiring space?