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DSC_0818With Halloween coming up I’ve been trying to think of projects I could do that would be useful and that I would want to keep from year to year. And then it struck me- I didn’t have a candy bowl! Where on Earth would I put all of the candy I plan to consume this year? So I decided to start with a basic glass bowl and DIY it into a Halloween-appropriate candy bowl. The whole process was super easy and if you ask me, super cute, too! Here’s what I used to make mine:

– Glass bowl
– Letter stencils
– Mod Podge
– Black glitter
– Painters tape

I started by using painters tape to secure the stencils to the bowl. I used a lot of tape to be sure they were flat against the bowl and no mod podge or glitter would get underneath. Then I did one letter at a time- using a paintbrush, I painted on a layer of mod podge then sprinkled the glitter overtop. I did this for all of the letters and shook off the excess glitter. Next I removed the stencils and let this dry.
Candy bowlAfter about 30 minutes I (gently) painted a layer of mod podge over the glittered letters. I let this dry for 30 minutes and repeated this step. Any stray glitter or mod podge I removed with a wet Q-tip. I let this dry overnight and in the morning it looked like this!

DSC_0815As for cleaning, I will definitely hand wash this every time and will try not to go over the letters too often with water. This would be fun to use when handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or filled with candy (or anything, really) on a buffet table at a Halloween party, don’t you think?