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DSC_0779Ever since I made my DIY dining table, I’ve enjoyed decorating it with different centrepieces. It just acts as a nice backdrop for things I want to show off- especially now that we are getting into the holiday season! I decided I wanted to try a table runner- I used to have a small, round dining table so table runners were never really something I used. I thought I would make something festive for Thanksgiving and also something I could leave out for the rest of autumn. I used a piece of burlap for the runner and after a failed attempt at stamping it, decided to cut some felt leaves and acorns to attach. I used a cookie cutter to trace the maple leaf shape and for the rest, I just made a rough outline on the felt before cutting. I attached the leaves with a few dabs of hot glue (remember to use something underneath the burlap so your leaves don’t stick to your table or craft surface). And bam- you have yourself a simple, cute & festive table runner. How easy was that?
DSC_0776 runner

What do you use to dress up your Thanksgiving table?