Ever since Krista and I went apple picking, I’ve had a huge bag of apples sitting in my kitchen. It’s not for a lack of eating at least one each day, it’s just that we came home with so many! I made apple crisp last weekend (so good!) and decided this time I would try apple cinnamon donuts. Ever since I made these strawberry donuts I’ve been wanting to find more recipes to put my donut pan to use. These were very simple and for the most part I followed this recipe. If I were to make them again, I would definitely add in more cinnamon and more grated apples. Because really, if you’re making apple cinnamon donuts, I say go all out with these two flavours. No holding back! The recipe also calls for coating each donut in the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Instead, I just added a bit to the tops of each- it’s really just a personal preference, I can’t do that much sweetness. These donuts are dense like a muffin and very tasty. Overall, a welcome addition to my weekend!
DSC_0759 DSC_0761

Do you have a favourite baked donut recipe?