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This past weekend was the 29th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival in Toronto, organized by the Toronto Vegetarian Association. If you’ve never been, it features the best of the best when it comes to all things vegan/vegetarian – from chefs, authors and animal advocates to the delicious food and sweet treats and new vegan products. In short it’s amazing!
TOVegFest | Invited DIY
After things opened up at the festival we did a lap of the food vendors and tried to make a decision where we wanted to eat, this was no small feat. We finally settled on Karma ChaMEALeon. Did you know they are Ontario’s only vegan food truck? How cool is that? After deciding on where to eat the next hardest choice is of course what to eat. I eventually settled on the sunshine burger and Brad got the Philly Cheeze Steak.

TOVegFest | Invited DIY

After a tasty lunch (that I inhaled it was so good) we walked ran over to Bunners to get a coveted cinnamon bun before they were all snatched up. I had a chance to also purchase a few boxes of the yummy new moon cookies, some tea and cat nip for my kittens. Next time I need to remember to bring a larger shopping bag!

Before leaving Brad tried some doughnuts from Tori’s bake shop. They had such a cute display for their decadent desserts. Incorporating windows and birch tree limbs to create a rustic booth.

TOVegFest | Invited DIY
After making our way around to all of the vendors, sadly it was time to head home. Next year I would love to be in Toronto for the whole weekend, enjoy more delicious vegan food and treats and take in all of the great seminars and workshops it has to offer.

What’s your favourite food festival?