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It’s hard to believe we are just over half way through the summer season. If you started a garden in the spring, like I did, or have been growing some plants on your balcony like Kerri, by now you’ve probably seen your flowers come to a bloom and possibly have been able to harvest some vegetables. Although I’m still a rookie gardener, I’m happy to report that my garden seems to be doing better this year. Last year (you can read that post here) I got off to a late start with my garden and tried planting a little bit of everything. This year I was able to plant much earlier and focused on mainly planting seedlings versus starting to grow plants from a seed. You can read my planting post here. Although the carrots I planted from seed never appeared and my beets appear to be growing at a snail pace, the dill, sweet corn, tomatillo plants, tomato plants and onions are all doing great.

Recently I’ve been able to enjoy lots of grape tomatoes and even some onions! I’m eagerly awaiting the heirloom tomatoes and tomatillos to grow and ripen enough to pick as well.

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Later this week I’ll have a recipe post up on the blog using the tomatoes and onions from my garden!

Let us know how you have made out with your summer gardening!