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A few months ago I posted about my table inspiration as I wanted to build my own dining table. I finally had a chance to build one this summer and I have been loving it ever since! I did use those links as a guideline for how I would assemble my table and I also asked some skilled people just to double check my plans (thanks, Brad!). I was also very lucky because my parents let me use their garage as my workspace- my little apartment doesn’t lend itself very well to construction projects… My dad and sister helped me with the entire project and my cousin helped with some of the assembly too- thanks goodness for all of them because I definitely needed their help. DSC_0361 photo (25) DSC_0368I used the bottom support beams to attach the top boards and used a few screws on the top as well just to make sure it was sturdy. I put wood filler over any screws that showed on the top of the table. I used two coats of stain (the colour is called Chocolate) and two coats of Polyurethane. My parents were nice enough to then drive the table top back to London and my dad helped me attach the legs (which I ordered from here). When we flipped it over and I finally saw the finished product, I loved it! I spent months and months thinking about this table and I am so happy with the finished look. I want to eventually re-paint my dining chairs too- but hey, one thing at a time, right?
DSC_0409DSC_0414DSC_0418DSC_0419Have you ever built a piece of furniture for your home?