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This summer neon colours are everywhere – clothing, home decor, jewelry and even running shoes! All of these bright colours had me inspired to add some colour to some glass lemonade bottles I saved. I used one of the bottles in our lemonade party post and they’ve been great to use for juice or to double as a vase. I decided to find some bright colored fabric and make some DIY Fabric Covers that you can place on the bottles to brighten them up.

I decided on three different bright colors for the fabric. I also used some leftover elastic from the headband post.

After measuring the bottle, I cut my fabric, choosing stripes for the first cover and a geometric pattern for the second. I used hot glue to attach the fabric pieces and also used the glue to make a seam at the top of the striped one. I then attached a piece of elastic to each end. I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t know how to sew, so hot glue is what I use for most of my crafts. For the hot pink one I created a seam where the elastic was and for the geometric one I did not create a seam for the elastic. Using velcro or even sewing a button to fasten the ends are both great alternatives to the elastic.

DIY Fabric Cover 10 | Invited DIY DIY Frabic Cover 1 | Invited DIY

These fabric covers are great as you can just slide them off when you need to wash the bottles and there are endless possibilities when it comes to colours, fabric and pattern that you can use.

DIY Fabric Cover | Invited DIY DIY Fabric Cover 4 | Invited DIYDIY Fabric Cover 5 | Invited DIY DIY Fabric Cover 8 | Invited DIY

What DIY projects have you created from glass jars?