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For all our fellow canucks, tomorrow is Canada Day! For Canada Day I wanted to make some headbands so I could show off our patriotic colours.

I decided on making two different kinds of headbands, one with some knot details and the other would feature two different coloured fabrics. I went to the fabric store and was excited to see quite a few different fabrics with maple leafs and the word CANADA across them. I was lucky enough to find a cute cotton red and white striped fabric and a red linen fabric on sale. I decided on two different Canada inspired fabrics.

Striped Knot Headband
I started with cutting two lengths of the striped fabric. I cut them quite long, approximately 26 inches, to make sure I had excess fabric after making the knots and made them 2 inches wide.

For the actual knot process I followed one from another blog, click here to view it. After making the knots I measured the headband on my head and then cut off any excess. I then cut a square piece of the fabric and glued both ends of the headband to it and used it to wrap around the ends of the headband to make it look tidier. If you know how to sew you could also do that for the ends instead of using glue.

Striped Knotted Headband | Invited DIY

Knotted Headband

For this head band I used two different fabrics a red one and a red and white maple leaf patterned one. I started by cutting a piece of each fabric approximately 26 inches long and 2 inches wide. Using a fabric glue I then glued all of the sides, except one end of both strips of fabric to create neat seams. Again if you know how to sew you could do that instead. Then I laid out both strips placing one on top of the other in an “X” shape. Grab the ends of both and pull them tight so you have a knot in the middle. I then measured it on my head and cut the excess fabric. I used a small 1 inch piece of elastic and glued it with hot glue to both ends of the head band, ensuring the elastic was in between the two pieces of fabric.

Canada Day Headband | Invited DIY
These headbands were right up my ally, simple to create and no sewing required. I’m excited to wear one of them tomorrow, now I just have to decide which one. Kerri and I haven’t finalized our plans yet, but there are lots of options many of course ending with fireworks!

What are you’re Canada Day plans?

Happy Canada Day!