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Krista and I have been making plans for this summer and some of them include trying new summer drinks and cocktails. I wanted to think of ways to spruce up our glassware for serving this summer, so I started to think about what makes a drink look special. And the answer was garnishes! One of my favourite garnishes has to be the cocktail umbrella—I mean, have you ever seen anything more fun sticking out of your piña colada? Since I haven’t really seen these in stores, I decided to try and make my own version. Here’s one that I made- and I did a few in different patterns and sizes. DSC_0278 DSC_0279

To make, I traced a circle, cut out a small pie shaped piece and taped (or glue) together. I stuck a small toothpick through and voila! I think these would be so cute with a bit of shiny fringe around the edge, or a sparkly pom-pom on top… anything, really!

What’s your favourite way to garnish a drink?