Did you know that today, June 18 is International Picnic Day? Well in honour of this today’s post is featuring a DIY Picnic Suitcase perfect for all your summer picnic plans. I have always loved the idea of picnics. Picnics are perfect for many types of settings, a park, beach, drive in movie theatre or even your own backyard. Hosting one is a great way to enjoy the summer weather and the outdoors and change up your usual lunch or dinner routine.

There are lots of versions of picnic baskets you can purchase as a complete set in stores or online. Of course Kerri and I always lean towards making it your own by creating something from scratch or re purposing it. A few months ago a friend of mine gave me this lovely small blue suitcase. It’s been sitting closed on my bench for awhile now as I debated what to turn it into. When I found out that today was International Picnic Day, I thought that the suitcase could easily be re purposed for a picnic.

I was going for a more simple version and wanted to keep the suitcase practical for other uses. I added two pieces of rope, which I cut from an old reusable bag and glued them to the lid of the suitcase to hold the plates. I used a tea towel for a lining that could also double as a small tablecloth. I included an old set of salt and pepper shakers, a candle and a wooden platter. For snacks I kept it simple and included some pesto covered potatoes, strawberries (which happen to be in season) and a naan pesto tomato pizza and included some water and lime for refreshment. Instead of leaving my silverware loose I stamped a cloth bag with a “Hello” stamp and placed the silverware inside. The bag has a drawstring which is perfect for keeping the silverware in place.

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Happy International Picnic Day!

Where’s your favourite place to have a picnic?