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The official first day of summer is just a week away. Temperatures will be warming  and it will soon be time to hit the beach (we know some of you have already been!) and tackle some adventures on summer vacations.

In contrast to summer’s bright colours we felt our black shades needed some to be brightened up. We decided to add pops of colour using what existing nail polish we had on hand. Kerri added purple polka dots to the sides of her glasses. I used two colours on one pair, a green and a coral adding stripes and added pops of coral to the pair of aviators to contrast with the black.

DIY Painted Shades 3 | Invited DIY    DIY Painted Shades 4 | Invited DIY
DIY Painted Shades 1 | Invited DIY   DIY Painted Shades | Invited DIY

This project is easy and  affordable as you can use nail polishes and glasses you already have. The best part about using nail polish is if you mess up you can easily take it off with remover, so no need to worry about making a mistake.  This is also great if you’re not prepared to commit to buying sunglasses in a bright colour and if you get bored of the colour later you can always remove it and add another.

This DIY project will give you custom sunglasses that will be perfect all summer long.

We have some exciting summer DIY posts planned for next week so we hope you’ll check back for those.

What do you have planned to officially kick off summer?