Last weekend Brad and I ventured to St. Catharines and Toronto for two very exciting events! I had been looking forward to this day for awhile now, seeing as I purchased the tickets for the game way back in March.

First stop was St. Catharines for the Niagara Veg Fest. This was their 2nd annual Veg Fest. We were so busy looking at all of the vendors, products and eying up (and enjoying) all of the treats that I didn’t take any photos! We purchased a contraption for sprouting and I successfully made my first batch of sprouted mung beans this week. Before we left we caved in to our sweet tooth and purchased a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie for moi and a beet red velvet cupcake for Brad. It was a great event and I wished we could have stayed longer and watched some of the speakers.

Next it was off to Toronto for Team Canada v.s Team USA. The Gardiner was closed for a portion due to a charity bike ride, so we knew traffic would be fun interesting.

We got to BMO Field nice and early and donned our “red gear”. They had a bunch of sponsors set up for some pregame fun and freebies. We got decked out in fan gear with some sunglasses, tattoos and thundersticks. We were really happy with our seats, pretty much dead centre field and we were covered by a partial roof so we were protected from the pre-game down pour.  Although the final result was not what team Canada fans had hoped for, I was still proud of our team and if you’ve followed women’s soccer in Canada at all the team has truly come a long way. A big highlight for me was singing O’Canada with 20,000+ fans and the team Canada players, a very patriotic and a neat moment.

Team Canada Game | Invited DIY  Team Canada | Invited DIY
After the game we went to Hogtown Vegan for dinner. I think I can safely say this was Brad’s favorite part of the day. If you’re looking for comfort food this place is the best. We both enjoyed the mac ‘n’ cheese and an entree.

Hogtown Vegan Mac N Cheese | Invited DIY

Driving home from Toronto we were pretty tired after a busy and exciting day.

What fun outings do you have planned for the summer?