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It’s no secret that Krista and I like collecting things. Some we’ve posted about HERE, HERE and HERE. The latest one we wanted to share with you is our budding salt & pepper shaker collections. Our good friend Hailley inherited a lot of adorable sets from her grandma and it opened my eyes to all of the variations out there. Krista has picked some up at antique stores and we’ve both gotten some as gifts. The rain boots are some of my favourites- I gave Krista the blue ones for her birthday and lucky for me, my mom gave me the red pair for Christmas! I don’t think either of us really set out to start this collection, but once we had a few sets we really started to notice them more often and have a hard time resisting… They are so cute and can be used as décor in the kitchen or for table settings. I really need to find a new way to display them because the top of my microwave is filling up quickly!


photo (23) London-20130503-01172

What is your favourite thing to collect?