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A while ago I saw THIS post and thought “hey, this looks easy.” I gave it a try and my towels looked nothing like those ones! I couldn’t find completely flat tea towels- all of the ones I was finding had some ribbing or texture to them. I thought these would work but when I stamped down they were coming out with blobs of paint in some places and really lost the shape of the stamp. After a few frustrating attempts (and a few ruined towels…) I gave up. The other day I thought I would try again since I still had all of the supplies in the closet. I decided to go with a more defined stamped (the XOXO) and it seemed to work better than the ones I tried the last time. The paint was still really light so I went over the design a few times with a small paintbrush to help them stand out. On the second towel I decided to try lettering and did it free-hand with a paintbrush. Ok, so my towel painting skills aren’t over-the-top but I still think it’s kind of cute since it’s handmade. I pretty much followed the directions from the linked post with some minor modifications. This also got me thinking about what other fabrics I could stamp… so stay tuned for some other related posts in the future!

Tea TowelsHave you ever used stamps to personalize things around your home?