Recently Krista got me into the idea of making homemade doughnuts. She has made a few vegan recipes and they have turned out really well. I immediately wanted to try some of my own, so I started searching for some recipes online. It didn’t take me long to find this one for strawberry doughnuts with strawberry glaze. The photos looked to temping I just had to try them! The original recipe can be found HERE. The only changes I made were using skim milk instead of buttermilk (I already had it on hand) and I didn’t use the freeze dried strawberries in the glaze. Also, since I only wanted to glaze a few tonight I eyeballed the glaze mixture. I added a lot of strawberries and just a bit of icing sugar- to make the glaze as the recipe called for would have been too sweet for me. Overall, the look and taste of these is terrific and they were so easy to make. My doughnut pan is going to be getting a lot more use in the near future! There are so many different recipes and combinations to try I can’t wait to experiment more.strawberry doughnuts

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Do you have any favourite doughnut recipes?