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Today is the first day of Spring, which means we are that much closer to warmer temperatures and the trees growing back their leaves. I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here in London ours is not very Spring-like.

In honour of the first day of spring (and to help ease my “spring fever”) I thought I would finally make the DIY garden stakes I had brainstormed awhile back.

I was browsing the garden section in Michael’s a few weeks ago and started to admire the chalkboard garden stakes. While adorable, I knew they were not quite practical for my outdoor garden plot. I found some wooden cut outs near by and instantly knew I was going to turn them into stakes for the garden to mark out all of the rows of vegetables.

I used outdoor paint in three shades – pink, Bahama blue and mint green. I ended up putting 3 coats of paint on and once dry I glued wooden skewers to the back and then wrote on them in permanent marker.

Garden Stakes 1 | Invited DIY  Garden Stakes | Invited DIY
Garden Stakes 2 | Invited DIY  Garden Stakes 3 | Invited DIY

Now I just need to wait for the final frost and for temperatures to warm for me to plant.

How do you cure your “spring fever”?