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I don’t know about you but I was once a skeptic of homemade juice. Why go through all the trouble of peeling and juicing when I can just eat the vegetables as is? Until recently our juicer was collecting dust.  I was trying to think of ways to incorporate more vegetables into our diets and looking for a convenient on the go breakfast or snack. Voila – homemade juice!
I found some recipes for some vegetable and fruit juices, but like most of the recipes I enjoy I just wing it when it comes to ingredients.

Here is a recipe for my go to juice (you’ve been forewarned it contains beet so it may leave your hands, lips, tongue and teeth with a lovely red tinge)

-3 small-medium beets (skinned)
-1 medium apples
-1 cup of baby carrots
-2 stalks of celery
-2 lemons (skinned)

Add to your juicer and juice!

I usually have this every morning or post-workout. It’s a great post-workout drink as the lemon will help alkalize your system. I play around with the ingredients, but my juice always includes beets, lemon and carrots.

Beet Juice | Invited DIY
Some additional mix ins I like to play with:
-maca powder

Do you make homemade juice or smoothies? What are some of your go to ingredients?