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With the increasing popularity of sites like Etsy and Pinterest it’s no surprise that there is such a variety of craft supplies now available. Kerri even recently found a site for craft supplies that specializes in being eco friendly. When it comes to our regular DIY craft projects it seems as though we all have our go to favourites. Kerri and I are dedicating this post to talking about a few of our favourite craft items.

  • Kraft paper and colored card paper
    Both of these items are very versatile and you can create a number of paper items with them such as: greeting cards, gift tags, business cards, recipe cards. Kraft paper can now be found in label format too, which allows you to make even more cute DIY projects. I used the circle kraft paper labels for gift tags at Christmas. Check out our Halloween craft post to see some of the cute cards Kerri has made with cardstock.
  • Stamps
    What’s not to love about stamps? They’s great for creating custom cards, gift tags, business cards, wrapping paper, packaging and much more. You even have the opportunity to purchase custom made stamps now. You can use stamps on paper, fabric and a variety of surfaces. How cute are Kerri’s alphabet stamps that are also featured on our blog cover photo?
  • Paint and foam brushes
    Paint is perfect for adding color or sprucing up some pieces in your home. The creation on chalkboard paint and other speciality paint options has allowed DIYers to get even more creative with projects. Since paint was on the list we of course had to include foam brushes, which are versatile and perfect for creating a smooth painted surface. Check our our painted egg cups and pine cone posts.
  • Two other items we love to use on a regular basis – glitter and magnet pieces.

Craft Collage 1_Invited DIY

When it comes to crafts, what are a few of your favourite things?