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One of the goals I announced in January (2013 DIY goals) was to successfully recreate some vegan cheese recipes. At the end of January I had settled on three different vegan cheese recipes that use nuts as a primary ingredient to recreate. Going into to this I had low expectations, not because of the recipes I found but because my small but mighty food processor isn’t quite mighty enough to ground nuts into smooth creams. I knew that my nut cheeses wouldn’t be as perfect looking as the ones in the recipes. With that being said here’s my commentary on the recipe testing.

Nut Brie
For the nut brie I did not use the miso or the dijon mustard listed in the recipe since I forgot to buy the miso and I’m not a huge fan dijon mustard. I also went with the half cashew half macadamia nut version and used a different version of pectin. I ended up soaking the nuts for about 6 hours. Overall I was really pleased with how it turned out. I found the brie tasted much better after we baked in the oven for 7 minutes on a baguette. I’d love to recreate the entire brie recipe with the cranberry sauce and pastry – YUM! I think adding some bruschetta mix or pesto along with the nut brie on a baguette would make nice additions as well.

Brie | Invited DIY

I was happy with the way the goat cheese turned out, although it was not a perfect execution as the consistency was on the water-y side. I was able to use the goat cheese in a kale salad and really enjoyed the taste. Next time I make this I’m going to try using just the juice of 1 lemon so the lemon flavor is not as strong and try and find a warmer place to store the jar overnight and see if that helps make the consistency more “goat cheese” like. Vegan Goat Cheese | Invited DIY

Baked Almond Feta
This last cheese was probably the best tasting; however my execution was a whole other story. I’m going to place most of the blame on my food processor as it was not able to get the mixture smooth like the recipe called for. We cut some pieces off and enjoyed them on a baguette. This cheese would be a nice addition to a salad as well.

Almond Feta | Invited DIY

As with a lot of cooking patience with these recipes is key but these recipes are worth it and are a great healthy and animal product free alternative to other cheese. With more practice and quite possibly a better food processor I will hopefully be able to master some of these recipes and enjoy them on a regular basis.