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I really enjoy shopping at bulk food stores- they allow you to buy just the right amount of ingredients you need. However, if you’re anything like me you have cupboard shelves full of little plastic bags with tail-ends of spices, seeds and more. I also had little bags of cake decorating sprinkles and some were so small they were getting lost in the shuffle. So I decided it was time to get organized! I picked up some mason jars and a few smaller glass jars to start the process. As a little addition I painted some of the lids with chalkboard paint so I could label them (and re-label when I switch out ingredients). I absolutely love how it all looks and my cupboards are so much more organized now. I even switched out a few things from their original packaging because I liked the look of these so much. I’m so pleased with this organizing project and now I’m just looking for more things to store in these jars!

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What’s your best kitchen organizing tip?