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It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow in case you forgot. I’ll be honest I don’t usually “celebrate” it. What I do love about it is it’s a good excuse to amp up the pink and colour in your regular décor. Over the weekend I was trying to come up with a craft for Valentine’s Day. Ideally I wanted something practical that I could use not just for valentine’s but for other occasions as well. I love to take something I already have and make it new again, so I decided I would revamp some plain white egg cups that have been in my cabinet.

I picked out some acrylic craft paint in bright pink that is non toxic and meant for outdoor use so it’s waterproof. I have not tried to wash the egg cups yet so I cannot vouch for if the paint is actually waterproof.

After tossing around ideas on how to paint the egg cups, all pink, stripes or chevron, I finally decided that polka dots would be fitting. I used the end of a pencil’s eraser to apply the dots. For two of the egg cups I covered the top half and the other two I just added dots to the bottom portion. I wasn’t fussy about all of the dots being the same size since I was going to a unique look any way.

Egg Cups

Do you celebrate valentine’s day? If so, how do you planning on celebrating valentine’s day?