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You may recall that in celebration of a new year Kerri and I boasted what our 2013 DIY goals would be. Kerri recently gave an update on her knitting progress and seeing as we’re nearing the end of January I’m doing a check in on the DIY goals I announced.

Painted Chair
Prior to setting this goal I had stumbled on this great tutorial on painting furniture. Click here to see the tutorial. I will be using this as a guideline when I paint my chair. This project is on hold until we have nicer weather since I plan on painting the chair outdoors.

After spending lots of time at three different stores and pulling about 20 paint chips I’ve narrowed down my color choice for the chair to 4 – Pulitzer Blue or Cornflower Blue from Valspar or Quicksilver or Sheffield Gray from Olympic. I had some ideas for a more vibrant color but decided against it as I want it to be a color I won’t get sick of and in case the experiment is a failure at least I’ll have paint in a color I can use for another project.

20040101_0001 20040101_0014_1cVegan Cheese
Prior to transitioning to a vegan diet, I regularly indulged in feta, brie and goat cheese. I especially enjoyed adding feta and goat cheese to my salads. I’ve recently experimented with versions of a cream sauce and creamy dressing using cashews so I feel I’m ready to try and recreate some nut cheese recipes.

My goal is to try creating the following three recipes in February. I’ll report back on the taste, texture, process and overall results of my trials. Wish me luck!

Vegan Brie
Vegan “goat” Cheese
Baked Almond Feta

How do you stay on track with achieving your goals? Have you achieved any of the new years’ resolutions that you committed to?