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Tonight I started thinking about Valentine’s Day (I know it’s a bit premature but I did…) and started to think that I didn’t have very many Valentine decorations. Then I started looking around my apartment and realized I have so many things I can incorporate into the décor this year. I sort of just compiled everything onto my dining room table, and as I was adding more and more I started to feel inspired. Needless to say, after looking at these photos, Krista is going to get an invite to a tea & cupcakes gathering at my place in a few weeks. I pulled together some of my favourite things like the rose print glasses (which I’ve used as drinking glasses and also as tealight holders), antique teacups Krista and I found on one of our outings, cupcake stands and also cupcake nameplace holders. I really could have pulled in more items, but my table is only so big!


I’m loving all of the colours showing up in this little collection and I’m going to use this as inspiration for a Valentine table centrepiece. I’m heading away on vacation next week and I like the idea of coming home to some Valentine cheer.



I think I will host a little Valentine’s Day gathering just for the girls, but with real cupcakes of course…


Krista and I are working on some other festive posts so be sure to check back for those! How are you hoping to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?