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So as you may have read in one of our recent posts, I’m determined to pick up knitting this year. I’ve had a few lessons from my grandma in the past but I just can’t seem to keep up my practice… which is why I had to resort to YouTube videos recently to refresh my memory. If there’s one thing that can really make you question the level of your fine motor skills, it’s knitting. I’ve now mastered casting on and I’m fairly confident in the knit stitch- although I still drop stitches here and there. I’ve also learned the purl stitch, but haven’t practiced it as much. The whole idea of knitting seems much nicer when I’m at home and my mom or grandma is there to help me when I make a mistake. My real goal is to be able to knit something meaningful by next winter (maybe a scarf or a small pair of mitts). At this rate, all that seems likely is a bookmark… but like I said, I’m determined this time around. Hopefully my next knitting post is much more impressive than this one!

Knit post