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By now all signs of holiday decorations have likely been packed up in your home and put in storage, except maybe the lingering glitter that fell off your Christmas decorations. Some of you may enjoy having everything back to “normal” after the busy holidays but if you’re like Kerri and I things can seem a little blah after you remove the tree and decorations. Since Christmas my table has been a gathering place for everything, clearly keeping my apartment clutter free was not one of my new year’s resolutions. I was in need of de-cluttering and thought this was a perfect opportunity to add a new centrepiece to my table.

In trying to come up with a new centrepiece I drew inspiration from the one lone pine cone I had kept out from my Christmas decor.  I went for a walk yesterday and gathered a bunch of tiny pine cones that had fallen off the pine trees. I had some leftover paint from a previous project and decided I would paint some of the pine cones I collected to add some color. I made three versions of a table centrepiece with a vase, bowl and cake stand for some variety.

Painted Pine Cones

Painted Pine Cones

How do you incorporate winter into your decor post-holiday?