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Since the hustle and bustle of the holidays has now slowed down, we’ve been able to reflect on what made them so special for us this year. We were both able to spend time with family and friends and were so thankful for that. During the holidays we both enjoyed baking Christmas cookies, exchanging gifts (some of which were handmade) and seeing how happy our younger family members were when they woke up on Christmas morning. We both made and received gifts that were homemade and even though sometimes it can take more effort than a store bought gift, we both agree they are worth the extra time (and maybe some headaches…). Between the treats, trees, lights and snow, it was hard getting back to reality and not being able to sleep late every morning and enjoy a cup of tea in our pj’s.


It’s always tough to take down all of the decorations in January- everything looks so bare! But it’s a nice feeling knowing in a few weeks we’ll get to bring out Valentine decorations… Or is that just us?