Now that the holidays are over and my Christmas decorations are put away, I’m pretty much just waiting for spring to get here. I’m not a big fan of snowy roads and cold, blustery days. Although on days like today when light snowflakes are falling and I don’t have to go outside, I can appreciate some of what winter has to offer. I decided to really get into the winter spirit and make a cup of cocoa with all the fixings. A few years ago, a family member gave us a recipe for hot cocoa mix which was delicious. It makes a lot so if I ever make it at home, I usually half the recipe and it still lasts me a long time. My mom used to crush up candy canes and add that to the mix too- it was delicious! I’ve included the recipe below (remember, it makes A LOT) so you may want to adjust the measurements if you choose to whip it up at home. Whether it’s homemade or store bought, a warm cup of cocoa is a great way to warm up even the chilliest winter day.

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Beth’s Homemade Cocoa
10 C instant non-fat milk
4 C nestle quik
2 C icing sugar
1 C whitener
* crushed mint candies optional

Mix together in a bowl and store in an airtight container. Enjoy!