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Krista and I met up for tea last night and inevitably we started talking about Christmas. We were both saying how busy we were with work and other engagements and how we felt like the Christmas season was passing us by. I had so many projects I was going to do this year but the days keep going by too quickly! I’ve come to realize most of them will have to wait until next Christmas (because life will be less busy by then, right?) Tonight I was feeling crafty and decided to put together a simple Christmas garland… ok, very simple! I used the frame stand from our EM weekend photo shoot because it showed it off nicely.


After tonight I think I will drape it over a frame on the wall or maybe over a mirror on top of a bookshelf. So far most of my decorations are the traditional red and silver, so I decided to keep those colours in the garland. When I found the little Santa decorations I couldn’t pass them up- they remind me of some of my mom’s decorations that she’s had since I was young- they’re just so cute!


Even though every time I get my craft supplies out my dining room table ends up looking like a tornado swept over it, in the end it’s worth it. Happy Christmas crafting to everyone who will be creating this season!