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After antiquing we came home to the delicious soup Krista had made. After lunch we decided to indulge our sweet tooth with a hot chocolate bar. We had lots of candies and chocolates and I think it goes without saying we were on a bit of a sugar high afterwards. I think I went a little overboard with the options, however when you’re in a bulk food store and have the go-ahead to get whatever candy you want, it’s tough to stop yourself!

Later in the afternoon we did a bit of crafting- Krista and I had picked up Santa hats for everyone to decorate. We had also made up gingerbread dough in advance, but we ran out of time for baking!

Hot Chocolate1


For our last surprise of the weekend, we brought out the frame and photo props we had made for a little photo shoot.Every time we all get together we say we are going to take a lot of photos and we always get so caught up in the fun that we forget! This time we didn’t want that to happen. Krista and Brad built a stand for the frame and we put up wrapping paper on the wall as a background. I think this was my favourite part of the whole weekend, and now we have these cute photos to remember it by. Our friends liked it so much, we are already thinking of other props we can make to use for our next get together.

Christmas Page

Our EM weekends are always so bittersweet… we love planning for them and spending time together, but it’s always so sad when they’re over. On a positive note, we’ve already planned out weekends for the next year (what can I say, we’re all planners!). Thanks for another great weekend, girls! xo