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Krista and I have been busy planning a reunion weekend with our friends from college. Our last reunion was on Labour Day weekend so we are overdue for another one! Since this is likely the last time we will all see each other before Christmas we decided to make it a holiday themed weekend. Krista and I were lucky enough to host the holiday weekend last year too- we all went for a carriage ride, baked cookies and watched Christmas movies. This year our friends have requested more baking and also some crafting- and who are we to say no? So needless to say, Christmas has come early for Krista and I in our apartments with decorations coming out of hibernation and Christmas trees being put up. I suppose it’s time for me to get rid of the pumpkin that’s still hanging around on my balcony… We don’t want to ruin any of the surprises for our friends who might be reading this so I thought I would attach a few pictures of what my apartment is looking like this morning. I even got out my winter socks to help get me in the Christmas spirit. Krista and I are so excited to see these girls again and to have another great weekend with them- we will share more updates after next weekend.

Ok so be honest- are we the only ones who have started to decorate already?