Kerri and I have many sources we look to for inspiration, with blogs being just one of them. Prior to starting this blog we were inspired by the many amazing blogs that are out there so we felt it would be great to share a few that have especially inspired us. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few blogs so here’s a snapshot of some of our favourite blogs.

A Beautiful Mess
This is a fantastic lifestyle blog by Elsie + Emma. The layout of their blog is simple but so pretty. They have many inspiring DIY projects, recipes, as well as fashion, beauty and décor tips. They also have lots of great posts on photography tips that have me wanting to invest in a better camera and practice.

One Sheepish Girl
Meredith is a blogger based in Dallas Texas. On her blog she shares her knitting and crochet adventures. Meredith’s header is adorable and ties in so perfectly with what her blog is about. This blog has inspired Kerri since she’s picked up knitting.

Green Wedding Shoes
This blog is perfect for people who love weddings or planning events. Although I’m not really a wedding gal I love all of the ideas you can get that really can be used for any party or celebration. They also have a great series of DIY projects and the photography is simply amazing!

To me Design*Sponge is the holy grail when it comes to DIY and design. Grace Bonney is the creative mastermind behind this blog and she reaches 75,000 readers daily! Talk about inspiring! The site features before and after photos, DIY ideas, recipes, design products and trends, as well as Biz Ladies articles to help women running design-based businesses. I really love that people can submit their before and after photos of room updates to be shown on the blog. Maybe someday Kerri and I will have one featured on there. Well a girl can dream anyways.

These are just a few of the many inspiring and creative blogs that are out there. We’d love to know more about other DIY blogs. What creative blogs inspire you?