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Now that we’ve exhausted pumpkins and all things Halloween we felt it would be fun to focus on some accessorizing before we get knee deep in Holiday and Christmas fun.

Brooches are an easy way to add some colour, sparkle and interest to your wardrobe. I once only thought older ladies wore them, but I’ve now embraced them. You can find broaches in many stores where you’d normally buy accessories but don’t be afraid to check out second hand stores or antique stores. Kerri has some broaches that her Grandma gave her when she was younger and recently my mom was cleaning out her jewellery stash and let me pick out a bunch of pieces. So don’t be afraid to ask family members for any pieces they aren’t using!

Brooches are traditionally worn fasten to a jacket or shirt. Kerri and I use our brooches to accessorize other parts of our wardrobe and we thought this would be a fun post to showcase just a few of the many ways you can use brooches.

Other accessory ideas that I have not tried but would be fun to add brooches to might be purses, matching ones for shoes or turning a brooch into a ring.

Brooches are not just for your wardrobe either, they can make great add-ons to also accessorize your home. Some other ways you can use broaches:

  • use brooches to decorate presents, replacing the traditional bow with a brooch
  • add a magnet to the back of a brooch for some fancy fridge magnets or glue it to a push pin to spruce up your office cork board
  • Make a broach bouquet – there are photos of these on Pinterest and lots of samples to buy on Etsy
  • Add them to a shadowbox for wall art

How do you wear brooches? And if you don’t wear them what other creative ways have you used them?