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Happy Halloween!

Kerri and I both took the chance to dress up for Halloween this year. Kerri dressed up to go out for “adult Halloween” and I dressed up today at work for Halloween. Halloween is a great time to get creative and an excuse to wear something other than “business-casual” to work.

Kerri constructed a crayon costume using a t-shirt, double sided tape, felt and a party hat. She got creative and put a hairband through the party hat instead of wearing that annoying elastic all night.  Dressing up as crayons is a fun group costume option as well. Kerri and her cousins once dressed up as pink, purple and yellow crayons when they were younger. I wish we had a picture of that to share.

I decided to dress up as a modern day Mary Poppins. I already had most of the pieces in my wardrobe to recreate the look. I got inspiration for my look from Pinterest of course. I ended up finding a hat and gloves at an antique show and added daisies and a hair band to the hat from a dollar store. I used a Christmas bow and spoon to top off the look. At work we all delivered treats to one another into our decorated treat bags and were given a ballot to vote on best costume and best decorated treat bag. Seeing everyone in costume was a lot of fun and we had a good variety of outfits,  everything from a bee and butterfly to a pirate and devil. I ended up getting voted best costume. If only there were more days when you could go to work in costume!

How did you celebrate Halloween this year?