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Since Halloween is only a few days away we decided now was the time to decorate our pumpkins. There are a lot of ideas we love but we only had so many pumpkins! Krista decided to use a few techniques including spray painting and using cookie cutters as stencils. Spray painting your pumpkin black really makes the orange pop when it’s lit up from inside. Using the cookie cutters, Krista gently tapped them into the pumpkin to make an imprint- hers stayed in good shape but she wanted you to know they may change shape if you hit them too hard. So don’t use any of your favourite ones for this craft!

In past years I’ve made masks for pumpkins and fit sunglasses over carved out eyes. I included a photo of one I made a few years ago with a spider web design. You can use whatever you have on hand to embellish your pumpkins including paint, nailpolish, stickers, fabric, glitter and scrapbook paper. Another idea is to carve a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin instead of the top before you scrape it out. Sometimes cutting a hole in the top can get in the way of the design and when it’s on the bottom it’s completely hidden. There is an endless amount of items you can use to make a scary, cute or stylish pumpkin this Halloween.

What will you be using to decorate your pumpkin this year?