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The countdown is on with just over a week until the big day…HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is a great time to get creative since nothing is really off limits or is it? This post we’ve featured some easy crafts to get you ready for Halloween – making homemade cards and decorating treat bags.

In typical Kerri fashion she made some cards to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. I can’t decide if I like the owl or spider better, either way they are both adorable!

Tips for crafting spooky cards:

  • look for felt and paper in fall colours
  • add googly eyes to your characters
  • Use Halloween themed rubber stamps or an alphabet set to create your own message
  • check out Pinterest or Halloween decorations for inspiration
  • get creative and use what items you have on hand
  • send the cards to friends to spook them out on Halloween!

Another craft to get you ready for Halloween is making or decorating your own treat bag. This year at work we decided everyone would get a treat bag to decorate and place on their door. The treat bag we were all given for work is smaller than your typical trick or treat bag,  but since there is a prize to be awarded for best decorated, esthetics are important.

There are endless ways you can decorate treat bags. You can use stickers, paint and old Halloween decorations.  I used some scrap fabric and construction paper to create my cat  bag and finished it off with a tissue paper nose.

Next up for Halloween prep – carving and decorating pumpkins as well as putting the final touches on my Halloween costume.