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Each month we’ll be featuring one special post to highlight “a few of our favourite things”. This month we are excited to be featuring some of our favourite finds from the Memory Lane Antique store here in London. This store is a favourite of ours not only because we thought of starting a blog while browsing here one day, but also because of the unique items that can be found there. Often when people hear the word antique they immediately think of the antique road show or old and dusty pieces. This store is great as it has an assortment of items from vintage clothing, dishes, jewellery, furniture and much more. Although not all of the items are considered to be antique per say, shopping at these stores can be a great alternative to regular retail stores. It’s neat to think about how some of the items have a history and were once loved by someone else.

Without further ado here are a few of our favorite “antique” things…

It’s easy to get creative and think of the many different uses of each item. For example Kerri’s pretty pink bowl adds a pop of colour when used as a dish for dip combined with a white party platter or would be cute to combine with a red tray and some candies to create a simple red and pink Valentine’s Day vignette. Aside from using the bow tie for it’s regular purpose it would make a neat feature in a shadow box to put in a boys room or in the “man cave”. A bronze mold can be used unique decor for a kitchen or dinning room.

We plan to visit the antique store in the near future to feature more items.

What’s one of your favourite antique finds? Do you have a favourite antique that’s been passed down from another family member?